A woman’s attempt to find a solution to a leak in an oil pipeline was derailed when a valve blew and trapped her in the water.

Key points:Amla oil, a liquid oil used in cooking, is used in a range of foods and beverages, is often used as a flavour enhancer in foods and drinks, and is often stored in the oil filter of a vehicleSource: AMLA, the oil companyA woman was stuck in the emergency spillway of the Amla oil pipeline on Sunday, with the emergency services trying to find her after she was stuck for two hours in the area of the main spillway.

Key facts:Amala, a natural gas liquids, is made from petroleum, is sometimes used in food and drinks and is usually stored in a oil filter.

“When the spillway was closed, there was a lot of water in the pipeline,” emergency services manager Rob Brown said.

“The main spillways of both pipelines have a water valve and we were trying to get out of there, so we got our pumps to open up and try and get water out.”

The woman was found by her boyfriend, who was also stuck in a pipe, but he was able to get her out safely.

The woman, who is in her 20s, was rushed to a hospital in Adelaide.

“We are hopeful she will be alright,” emergency crews manager Andrew Korsa said.

Emergency services responded to the spill on Sunday morning.

The main road in the spill area is closed due to the emergency response.

The emergency services will also be checking whether any other oil leaks from the pipeline are leaking, as the emergency service is monitoring them.

The pipeline, which was completed in 2016, runs between Melbourne and Adelaide.

The spill was not reported to the Bureau of Meteorology.