The network announced Wednesday that it is dropping the series’ Breaking Bad spinoff from its lineup.

The network’s decision is part of a broader trend of the network’s move toward more original programming, including original dramas, comedy, and movies. 

The network announced the move to show a new spinoff of Breaking Bad that is the spinoff version of a show that has become the standard for new dramas and comedies. 

It is no longer part of the series. 

Breaking Bad spinoffs, or spinoffs in other words, are now a regular part of its lineup, with shows like The Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, and, most recently, Brooklyn Nine-Nine joining the mix. 

In the original series, Walter White is a drug dealer in a fictional town called Albuquerque.

It was one of the first TV shows to tell a story that wasn’t based in a specific time period, and it is the series that set the standard in the genre for spinoffs that were mostly about the main characters and the main plotline. 

“It’s been a pleasure to serve our fans and our community of characters, and I know we will continue to do so in the future,” Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan said in a statement. 

Better Call’s Saul Goodman is the lead protagonist of the show. 

As a spinoff, it had its own problems, like the series being canceled for a third time last season. 

But it was still a huge hit, and fans have loved seeing the spinoffs evolve over the years. 

When AMC released its fourth season of Breaking Out, its series was up for a Primetime Emmy nomination. 

This season, the show won for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, but it also earned an Outstanding Writing Emmy nomination for its first season, for “Breaking Bad: The Lost and Found.” 

The series also won another Primetime Oscar for Best Drama Series for its second season.