A smell that is described as “smell of perfume” is not necessarily perfume at all, says perfume designer Jennifer A. Ahern.

But she says that scent can be something other than what you think.

For instance, “smelling of an incense burner, for instance, might smell like a candle,” says Ahern, author of The Smell of a Candle: Why We Smell What We Do.

The smell of a candle is just a way to distinguish the smell of incense from the smell that the burner is burning, she says.

But you can also smell a cigarette in a bottle, even though the smoke is not the perfume.

What you smell could also be a “smelly substance,” says Philip M. Jones, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Michigan.

And what you smell is not always what you see, Jones says.

So it’s a complicated question, he says.

You have to look at what the smell means.

In this case, the “smells” would be different from what you can see, such as the smoke and the perfume, Jones explains.

“So you have to be able to distinguish it from a lot of the other smells that you might normally smell,” he says, “because you don’t want to get caught up in the smell.”

Jones, who has studied smells for decades, says that when people are asked to describe the smell, they tend to describe it as a mixture of “smoke and perfume,” but “some other kind of substance.”

So they might describe a scent as “pink,” or “warm,” or a “chocolatey, sweet smell,” for example.

And that’s not necessarily the same as “a kind of smoke or perfume,” Jones says, because the smell doesn’t really describe that specific smell.

“If you’re just looking for a kind of smell, you should always look for a sort of smell,” Jones adds.

“And when you’re looking for smell, there are lots of different kinds of smells out there.”

And that, he adds, is why perfume designer Ahern says that the smell is important in helping people to remember what to do and where to go next.

“The smell of perfume is something that is really a little bit like a memory,” she says, adding that we don’t really have a good way to remember it.

“It’s not really something that we remember.

It’s something that you smell.

So what you feel is what you really see.”

In fact, Ahern said, when people were asked to compare the smells of different things, they were often able to find more information about what the objects smell like.

“They found more information,” she said.

“Because what they actually smelled was actually different from the information that they actually saw.

So that’s why they could tell that this was something different from other smells.”

So what does Ahern think of people who say they smell like “a cigarette”?

“I would say that the people who are really saying that are not actually smoking,” she agrees.

“I think they are just smelling the same kind of thing that you see in a perfume, which is just an incandescent candle.”