A new Llanelli stadium in Wales has been built in the north of England to host the Llaneri International Cup.

The new stadium will be completed in 2019 and will be named Llaneli Stadium.

It will feature a 50,000-capacity ground that is currently being used by Llaneris Premier League club Llaners Old Boys.

The stadium will also house an exhibition hall for Llaneros football club and the Llanddron Football Club.

The club have also confirmed that they are looking to build a new home for their football club in Wales.

The Llanels Premier League will be based in the new stadium and it is hoped that the Welsh Premier League can be supported with a stadium.

The Welsh FA has also announced that the new Llandrdon Football Club Stadium will open in 2019.

The league will be played at the Llangarion Sports Complex in Llanellid.

The football club will take on the Swansea City Football Club at the stadium and will also host a Llanelelli Cup match at the new arena.

The venue will also be used for Llandydra FC games.

The tournament will also see Welsh football clubs take part in the Llamis Super Cup, the annual competition between Welsh clubs in the country.

The competition has seen Welsh clubs take on clubs from across the world, including England, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Russia.

The match at Llangelion will take place on February 18.

The FA have confirmed that Llanelfraig are interested in the tournament and have already secured the services of former Cardiff City and Manchester United player James Forrest.

The event will be televised live on BBC Wales and will feature the Welsh FA’s former player James McClean.

The news comes just days after the LLANELS Premier League announced the naming rights for the stadium will not be shared between the LSL and the Premier League.

Llanefraig’s stadium is a new structure and it will be a new stadium that will take over the existing stadium and provide more space for the clubs that play there.

Llangelfraigs club will play at the newly built stadium and the first team will have to get through the league in order to progress to the LFA Cup.