By Gauri Pandey and Ramya Sivaram, NDTV Correspondent”You have to go beyond feeling pain, which can’t be helped by painkillers or even painkillers at all.

Painkillers do not work.

You have to get off your painkiller, or take painkillers, or you will feel a lot of pain.

So it is about using painkillers and getting off painkillers.”

What to do if you’re stuck, stressed or scared?

“You will have to take a rest or go somewhere quiet, and I do that from home in my house.

I like to go for a walk and take a short walk, because it relieves a lot.

I go for an hour or two a day.

I do yoga and meditate, and when I do those things, my body calms down, my mind calms, and then my heart stops.

I don’t know why, but I don, too.

My mind calcs and then calms.

It calms.”

What are some other options for managing pain?

“I think there are many things.

If you are in pain, I think that if you are not able to feel it yourself, then you need to do a lot more.

For example, you can go to a doctor, or have a doctor come to your house, or just come to the house.

You can go for regular check-ups, because you know the symptoms, and the doctors can tell you the symptoms are there.

You are not going to find a doctor who is going to say, ‘This is all about pain.

Do not try this.'”

Is there anything else you want to know about pain?


You should take your painkillers every day, because the pain will lessen.

You will have less pain, and you will have a lot less anxiety, and depression will go down.

You don’t have to be afraid of anything.

You feel more at ease.”

How can I find out more about pain management?

“For some people, I would recommend talking to a counsellor.

I have met counsellors who are very good at talking to people and asking them to explain to them what their pain is.

But there are some people who don’t want to do that, so I would not do that.

There are some different types of pain treatment that are very effective, so that is why it is very important that you are getting the right pain medication, because if you don’t, you will just get more pain and anxiety.”

What is the best pain reliever?

“I would say a milder kind of pain reliever, such as a cotton candy, a gel, or a soft drink, a mint, a grapefruit, or something that makes your heart beat more easily.

There is a reason why I do not use alcohol.

You do not want to use it.

There might be something that you can use to reduce your anxiety, or make you feel more calm.

You might also try the ibuprofen, because they can relax you.

I will not use the alcohol, because alcohol makes you feel very anxious.

You know what?

I use a little bit of alcohol to calm me down.

So that is my best option.

You also have to make sure you get a lot for your money.”