A big blow for vaping is coming to the nation’s vape oil market, which has been a mainstay of the market for years.

Vape oil, which is made by heating oils and oils containing nicotine, is the biggest supplier of nicotine to the e-cigarette industry, supplying around 15% of the country’s oil sales.

But in recent months, several health officials have warned that the rising cost of nicotine is putting an even bigger strain on the industry, with demand dropping and the price of oil rising.

The FDA on Wednesday announced it will discontinue the sale of all vape oil products, a move that will save the industry roughly $10 million a year.

FDA spokeswoman Laura Krantz said the agency would also stop sales of oil containing nicotine at its labs.

FDA says it plans to shut down all of its vaping labs nationwide by the end of the year, and its plans to restrict sales to those over 18 by the middle of next year.

The announcement came just weeks after FDA announced a decision to ban the sale and manufacture of all e-cigarettes that have not been tested for harmful chemicals.

The agency also ordered state regulators to set up new oversight systems for vaping, and urged states to regulate e-cigs more like cigarettes.

The decision came as the industry is still reeling from a rash of new e-cig products, including a slew of new brands, which have flooded the market in recent years.

FDA has been studying e-liquid products for safety and effectiveness for several years.

 “The FDA has found that the majority of the eliquid products sold today do not meet the standard for safe use,” Krantzz said.

“In order to maintain and promote the health and safety of the public, the FDA has decided to discontinue these products.”

The FDA said the decision will help keep e-juice products out of the hands of minors and protect public health by giving them the option of choosing safer alternatives.

FDA officials said the move will also help consumers who do not vape in an effort to reduce the risk of diseases caused by smoking.

The FDA’s announcement comes as the agency is preparing to approve a new generation of electronic cigarettes that could replace the old tobacco-based devices that have long been banned.

In September, the agency approved a new eGadget for adults, which allows users to control the temperature of their e-vapor and monitor the amount of nicotine in their eLiquid, according to the FDA.

The agency also approved a smaller e-liquids that have been marketed as a replacement for tobacco cigarettes, which the agency said will be available for sale in November.

The devices have been widely tested and are the most popular of the new devices.

The agency has said the new products will be safer than cigarettes and that they will not be addictive.

The FDA also said the eGads will not pose a health risk to anyone who has never smoked.