Former US President Donald Trump is in Cambodia as part of a trip to the country that is battling the coronavirus

The former US President is heading to Cambodia to take part in a four-day trip to help clean up the nation ravaged by the coronovirus outbreak.┬áThe trip, to be held on Tuesday, is the first from the White House since Trump announced he would be taking a break from politics and instead spend time with […]

US oil and gas company to invest $250M in South Africa’s Bantu region

The US oil company Chevron has agreed to invest nearly $250 million in South African state-owned oil company Bantus, the company announced on Monday.The investment comes after Chevron bought the company in a $2.6 billion deal in January 2016.“We’re delighted to welcome Bantuses new owners, which we believe will make the South African economy stronger […]

How to Buy Crude Oil: What to Look For

Now that oil prices are dropping to their lowest level since August of 2008, there is little reason to buy more oil.The price of a barrel of crude has been hovering around $50 per barrel for more than a year, and it has averaged $40.80 a barrel since the end of March, according to the […]