How to protect yourself from oil spills in India

The world’s most populous country, India, is bracing for a third consecutive year of rising oil prices. Oil prices fell more than $2 a barrel this year to their lowest levels in over a decade. As the country struggles to deal with the fallout from the massive oil spill in the North Sea in April, oil companies […]

Oil Pastel Art from the 1930s

Oil Pastels are very popular art pieces that were created to commemorate the time when oil was scarce and very expensive.These oil paintings are usually large and beautiful.Today, we have the art of oil pastel paintings in the form of the iconic oil paintings in this series by artist George Bissett.

How to sell cannabis oil, marijuana, marijuana flowers, marijuana oil, weed

Posted November 10, 2018 12:01:16It’s not the first time the cannabis industry has been in a bit of a fight with the oil and cannabis industry.A few years ago, there was an oil and the cannabis oil industry, but that was pretty far down the road.Now, there is an oil boom happening and it’s just […]