Why I’m leaving ‘Breaking Bad’ for the Netflix series ‘Better Call Saul’

The network announced Wednesday that it is dropping the series’ Breaking Bad spinoff from its lineup.The network’s decision is part of a broader trend of the network’s move toward more original programming, including original dramas, comedy, and movies.┬áThe network announced the move to show a new spinoff of Breaking Bad that is the spinoff version […]

What does it take to be a successful female CEO?

From the day you wake up, your first instinct is to find out what kind of life you want.But when you’ve got to make a decision to be the next CEO of your company, you’re really trying to decide whether you want to live life as a woman or a man.Here’s what it takes to […]

How to fix oil leaks on cars in hot weather

CARSON, Calif.— It was not until a few years ago that we started to hear about oil leaks.Now, as the climate warms and cars are increasingly made of carbon-fiber materials, we have a new challenge.Drivers in California have been complaining about oil leaking from their vehicles in the months since the state’s governor signed a […]

Watch: The most important new oil companies in the world

Oil-and-gas producers have been on a steady upward path in recent years, but the global oil supply has been shrinking as a result of a glut of shale oil and gas.A new report shows that the oil and natural gas sector is facing a crisis.“With the U.S. in the midst of a historic drought and […]