What you need to know about the oil substitute oil that’s getting cheaper every day

How to find the best oil substitute for your favorite e-liquid, juice, and vape source The New York Times article What you should know about your oil substitute when it comes to flavor and smell source The Wall Street Journal article What to know when buying e-cigarettes: Does your e-cigarette smell bad?How to protect your […]

How to invest in rosemary (crude) oil stock

rosemary crude oil (Crude) is a global commodity, with the largest producers and markets in the world including Brazil, Russia, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia.It is also widely used as a lubricant, used in cosmetics, and as an industrial lubricant in vehicles.A wide range of rosemary products are produced by rosemary processors around the world.Crude oil […]

Which oil companies are the most undervalued?

The oil industry is often compared to a casino, with oil prices trading as a game of poker.The game is often played in the public interest, but in a much more cynical way, where profits are based on the idea that the public should be able to get rich betting against the price of oil.As […]

Vaping oil to be discontinued, says health official

A big blow for vaping is coming to the nation’s vape oil market, which has been a mainstay of the market for years.Vape oil, which is made by heating oils and oils containing nicotine, is the biggest supplier of nicotine to the e-cigarette industry, supplying around 15% of the country’s oil sales.But in recent months, […]

Oil producers to cut production in 2016

Oil producers will cut output this year and next as demand from China slows, according to a report from Bloomberg.In addition, the oil industry expects its gross margin to fall as demand declines, the report said.The world’s largest oil producer, Saudi Arabia, said last week it would cut its output by 5.5 million barrels per […]