When it comes to the effects of oil on your body, there is no difference in how many calories you burn when using a canola or olegano seed oil, a study has found. It’s all about the canola oil

Canola oil has been found to have no effect on the amount of calories your body burns when you eat food containing the oil, according to a study published in the journal Nutrition.Researchers from the University of Melbourne conducted a systematic review of the effects that canola and olegon oil have on the body.They found […]

Oil company’s chief executive accused of ‘sexist’ tweets

LONDON – BBC News — Saudi Aramco chief executive Mohamed Al-Aluali has been accused of “sexist” tweets in a row that erupted after the oil company said it had sold more than a million tonnes of Saudi crude to foreign buyers in the past year.Al-Abbasi’s comments sparked an online outcry, with some accusing the Saudi-owned […]

Watch: The most important new oil companies in the world

Oil-and-gas producers have been on a steady upward path in recent years, but the global oil supply has been shrinking as a result of a glut of shale oil and gas.A new report shows that the oil and natural gas sector is facing a crisis.“With the U.S. in the midst of a historic drought and […]