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A trusted companion of chefs all over the country, Kissan Coconut Oil is hailed as the best among all the Coconut Oil Brands in Kerala.
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Health benefits of our products

Extracted and processed from handpicked coconuts from the outskirts of rural Kerala, a dollop of this refined Coconut oil if used on a daily basis will create magical responses on both your skin and physique.


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The former misconceptions of coconut oil being harmful for body had been already withered away. According to recent researches on Coconut oil Brands in Kerala coconut oil has been recognized as completely nutritious edible oil in addition to its herbal significance.

Kissan Coconut Oil

Coconut farm

Our impeccable standard and hygienic manufacture are what helped us become one of the greatest Coconut Oil Suppliers Kerala.

We collect and process sun-dried coconuts also known as kopras that are further scrutinized under the supervision of our experienced professionals.

We produce crystal clear and refined coconut oil which is fresh and ready-to-use both for cooking and hair and body massage requirements.

 The entire process of drying, crushing, extracting, filtering and packing are held in utmost hygienic environment with the aid of modern machinery with least manual intervention.

We make avail

Good nutrition at ample pricings

Among all Coconut Oil Suppliers Kerala, Kissan Coconut Oil stands synonymous with purity, high quality and nutrient because we are entrusted with the responsibility of making our customers healthier ergo happier.

We stand for the assurance of purity and hygiene at just prices not only to our consumers inside Kerala but also in international markets.

We carefully notice changing preferences of our customers and comes up with new products that goes accordingly with their feedbacks.

Kissan Coconut Oil is one of those brands of Pure Coconut Oil in Kerala which does not break down or get damaged if gets heated to a high temperature. It’s perfect for cooking purposes. Famous for its cooling nature Kissan Coconut oil is abundantly used in extreme hot conditions for oil massages and also in some Ayurvedic treatments.

Coconut Oil Kerala

Coconut Oil Kerala

As the best Coconut Oil Kerala Kissan Coconut oil’s commitment to cater richness and purity into people’s kitchens has earned us a special place in consumers’ hearts.

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We are dealing best quality Agmark coconut oil name as Kissan coconut oil.

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Address: Kissan Coconut Oil Mills, P.O. Kallettumkara,Irijalakuda Thrissur, Kerala - 680683 TOLL FREE NUMBER : 18002700000 7902980800, 7902380800, 7902680800 [email protected]