The biggest oil majors of India, PetroChina and BHP Billiton, have announced a plan to sell some of their assets in the country to a consortium of international buyers.

The sale of the country’s biggest oil companies, including the biggest oil-producing giants, has been stalled in recent years due to the ongoing war in Syria.BHP Billington said on Tuesday that the consortium would include oil majors including ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Total and Total SA.

The consortium, called Oil India, will be led by BHP Global Asset Management and has been set up to explore and develop oil and gas in the western state of Gujarat.

The consortium has said it has a proposal for an initial public offering (IPO) and that it has already secured a valuation of about Rs 1,600 crore (Rs 1,700 crore) for the companies.

It is not clear what terms BHP India will agree to.

BHP has also said that it would be a “significant step” in setting up a public-private partnership.

Oil and gas exploration and production in the state has declined significantly since 2015 as the war in neighbouring Syria continues to rage.