Tung oil is a plant-derived oil from the root of the bean, known as the jasmine.

It’s used to treat burns, wounds and wounds caused by other plant-based products.

It can also be used as an emollient and as a thickener.

In the United States, tung can be purchased at any grocery store and in specialty stores like Kroger.

Tung has also been used as a laxative and skin lotion.

If you want to make your own, it takes a little time.

You’ll need a few ingredients, including water, a couple tablespoons of tung, and a couple of spoons of water.

The oil can also contain the plant-saponin extract, which can help loosen up the skin.

You can use it as a body oil to treat acne and to make a dressing.

Here are the ingredients in tung: Water 1 cup