Posted November 10, 2018 12:01:16It’s not the first time the cannabis industry has been in a bit of a fight with the oil and cannabis industry.

A few years ago, there was an oil and the cannabis oil industry, but that was pretty far down the road.

Now, there is an oil boom happening and it’s just not going to last long.

 The oil industry is getting a lot of attention lately, with a lot more companies starting to pop up.

That’s not good for the industry, as we are already seeing the effects of the War on Drugs on the industry.

“When you have a boom in oil production, you get a lot less competition for supply, and when you have that boom, the demand for that product goes up,” said David Cole, vice president of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association.

The oil boom has also brought in a lot companies that have little to no oil production experience.

This is the second time this year that marijuana has been on the front page of the mainstream news, after the United Kingdom’s decision to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes.

There are also other health concerns, such as a possible link between cannabis and Alzheimer’s disease, but it’s not clear how the oil industry will cope.

Cole said he hopes the industry will be able to continue expanding, but he is concerned about the long-term health effects.

“There is no clear scientific evidence that cannabis is going to lead to a reduction in the incidence of diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, or stroke,” he said.

A lot of the time when the news hits, there are a lot questions raised, but I do not think it’s going to have a long-lasting impact on the business.

“The cannabis industry was already facing a lot challenges in the past.

In 2013, the oil boom caused the price of oil to spike, causing a price crash for the oil companies.

In 2014, the industry faced a big decline in production and a major decline in sales.

At the same time, the drug war was going on and a lot was going to be put in place to protect the drug industry. 

The current boom in cannabis oil has caused a lot to be changed in the oil market, but Cole said that the cannabis oils industry has not had to deal with the same things.

He said he believes the oil prices will stay high and the demand will keep going up.

If the oil price stays at $50 per barrel for a while, that could have a positive impact on other oil producers. “

There’s been a little bit of panic and we have seen companies start to go public and put their stocks up,” he added.

If the oil price stays at $50 per barrel for a while, that could have a positive impact on other oil producers.

But if the price goes to $100 per barrel, the potential for the business is going up significantly.

We still have a lot going on,” Cole said, “but there are still a lot things that need to happen before we see a big bump in oil prices.