I’ve long been a fan of soybean and almond oils.

When you need a thickener, a crunchy protein, or a flavor boost without the added sugar, these oils are the answer.

But that all changed when my mom’s family tried to use castor oil to add extra flavor to their tofu.

They were shocked to discover that castor oils actually turn the taste buds of the tofu browner, so much so that the soybean oils actually changed the texture of their tofu!

I thought I was on to something, but I quickly realized that there were several things that could be done to make the soybeans and almond oil taste as good as they are.

So I made a list of some of my favorite recipes and started making soybean-and-almond oil changes that would leave the tofu feeling more tender and flavorful.

These are not vegan, but they are a great alternative to buying soybean or almond oil that contains a synthetic chemical known as castor seed oil, which is used to produce oil from a plant called castor.

To get the taste and texture of soybeans, soybean seed oil is combined with a synthetic oil called castoreum (also known as soybean wax).

It’s the same substance that makes it possible for tofu to taste more like soybeans.

So if you have any soybean allergies, you can always make soybean changes.

If you don’t, I recommend making your own soybean/almond oils.

The difference is that you can buy soybean seeds at the store, and you can also buy castoreums in your local grocery store.