Snake oil lamp is an intriguing addition to any home, but what exactly is it?


This snake oil is made from various plants, but its the plant that I use most frequently.

It’s the common plant called “lily pad” or “lillies” and it’s actually one of the few things I use in the kitchen that actually works.

You might be wondering how you can make a snake skin oil, but you’re not alone.

Many people find their own snake oil recipes to be a challenge, but luckily I found one that’s been around for over a hundred years.

The recipe for this is called the “Lily Pad Oil” or simply “LPI” because of its use in traditional Chinese medicine and the Chinese name of this plant.

I like to call it “Lillies,” but there’s a popular brand of LPI called “Snake Oil,” so I decided to go with that.

For this recipe, I found it easy to use a few simple ingredients and get a nice consistency.

I used coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, cinnamon, and lemon.

I then added a bit of lemon zest, rosemary, and thyme to taste.

For those that don’t know what “Lilli” is, it’s the name of a Japanese word for a kind of snake oil made from the dried leaves of the plant.

In other words, lilli is a name of the oil.

It has a lot of properties and it can help with mood, appetite, and detoxification. 

In addition to all the ingredients, the LPI can also be made in other ways too.

For example, you can use it as a salad dressing.

This is a delicious way to use LPI, but it can also use up any leftover lillies.

To use it, simply soak the lilies in a bit more coconut oil and add it to a bowl with a bit at a time.

Add a pinch of salt to make sure that it’s all dissolved.

Then add a bit or two of the lillie to the mixture.

It should make a thick liquid, which should not be too thick.

I prefer to use my hands to mix it in, but if you have a blender, it can be done by hand. 

I love that this recipe is so easy to make.

I often add a little more lilli, but for this recipe I found that the lilli flavor helped add some complexity to the taste.

This recipe was one of my favorites, and it also makes a great gift for people that enjoy making a few different types of snake oils.

You can even make this for yourself.

I’m sure it’s a wonderful way to add a touch of magic to your home! 

(Recipe from Lili’s Kitchen) (Lili’s kitchen) You can use any amount of lillys in your recipe, so if you want to use more, you just need to be careful.

For a thicker lillying, add some lemon zests.

Or, you could even add a few extra rosemary and thymes to taste if you’re feeling adventurous. 

(Image from Lilli’s Kitchen (