The former US President is heading to Cambodia to take part in a four-day trip to help clean up the nation ravaged by the coronovirus outbreak. 

The trip, to be held on Tuesday, is the first from the White House since Trump announced he would be taking a break from politics and instead spend time with his children and grandchildren. 

Cambodian President Thein Sein has announced that the President is set to stay in the country for four days, from Wednesday to Sunday. 

“He will be staying in the capital, Phnom Penh,” President Theins said.

“This trip will be his first stop as President, and it will be an opportunity for the President to engage with the Cambodian people.”

He is the only US President to visit Cambodia.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate the United States’ support for Cambodia.

“President Thein said the President would also hold talks with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, and with leaders of other countries, and would also meet with leaders in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cambodia and Thailand.

He also announced that US Vice President Mike Pence would be on the trip as well as Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

Ahead of the trip, Thein issued a statement saying he was proud of the hard work the Cambodians have done to combat the pandemic.

The White House announced the trip was to be part of President Trump’s work to get the US to join the global fight against the coronivirus.

In his first trip to Cambodia since taking office in January, Trump will visit Phnom Thong and visit a hospital where he will meet with victims of the coronave virus.

During the trip Trump will also visit a memorial for victims of an air crash in the northern province of Chiang Rai.

Cambos coronaviruses are not believed to have spread across the country.