A mysterious “lava” painting on a porch in Florida has inspired a mystery buyer to sell the painting for $15,000.

According to ABC affiliate WPBF, a woman told the station the painting was sold for $3,000 last week after it was found by a homeowner on a front porch.

A post on the artist’s Facebook page said it was painted in lavender oil.

It’s unclear whether the painting is the same painting or the same artist, but the sale is a significant boost to the owner’s online profile.

It also could be the first time a lavender painting has been sold for such a high price.

The painting, which is believed to be from the late 1800s, is described as “the most intricate lavender work in the world” and features a “giant lavender dragon, an enormous mandarin, and several other mythical creatures.”

The seller told WPBF that she was hoping to sell it on Craigslist.

A representative for the seller could not be reached for comment.